About us

Your hospitaleros in Ponte Ferreira are Ton and Ria from Amsterdam. From August 2018 on we receive pilgrims in the albergue, together with Grattan, our Croatian dog.


We walked our first camino in 2010: a special experience. And after that first one many others followed. We did these pilgrimages together, on our own and also a few times with 'perrogrino' Grattan. Ria explored almost all the routes in Spain and Ton walked in 2015 all the way from his front door in Amsterdam to Santiago de Compostela. 


Ever since this first camino we experienced feeling homesick at home. Homesick for the camino: we missed the encounters with fellow pilgrims, being outside in nature on route, the simple life with a backpack, beautiful Spain... Sometimes we even didn't know what it exactly was we were missing. In order to stay close to the camino we volunteered for the Dutch Saint James Society: making a newsletter, doing social media, giving workshops for other pilgrims, making gps-routes of the camino's and we volunteered in various albergues. 


But the real dream was a life on the camino, receiving pilgrims. With all our experience and knowledge about the needs of a pilgrim on the way we knew what our perfect albergue would look like. It took us a few years, but here we are now: in the Galician countryside in Ponte Ferreira on that beautiful Camino Primitivo!